A Modular dance floor delivering bass directly to your body that you can FEEL
The deepest bass you have FELT

Deliver deep bass without noise transmissionBass you can FEEL without hearing damage

Great for venues, events and environments that want to provide a full frequency experience after hours

Portable and modular allow it to scale from an 8'x8' dance floor to a custom solution for a club, venue or festival

Perfect addition to silent discos Deeper and lower bass than subwoofers and PA systems; As low as 5Hz
Deepen any Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Dance, and meditative experience

Can be linked with SoniQ Mats for an integrated experienceBuilt to the highest standard and with the truest intention

Cost effective

Exclusively engineered and developed by Frequency Love
SoniQ Mats
Modular Mats deliver deep vibrations to enhance your journey
Transducers allow you to FEEL the bass deeply

Enhance any sound healing, sound bath, yoga, breathwork experience

Help you enter a deep meditative state through subsonic vibrations

Subsonic vibrations help with blood circulation, stress reduction, Rejuvenation, and anti-aging

Deliver deep bass without noise transmission

Mats can provide an individual sound bath experience

Link them together for a collective deep vibration lounge experience

Systems start as small as 4 mats and can be expanded up to 120 mats

SoniQ mats can be set up as a full frequency sound system or integrated into an existing system to deliver subsonic frequencies

Lightweight, Portable and easy setup; Simply Bluetooth and plug into the system and you are ready to go

Mats incorporate a memory foam top for a comfortable experience

Exclusively engineered and developed by Frequency Love
SoniQ Mats